Nowadays soccer is the most popular game globally due to the fact that it was popular amongst the British sailors and merchants who traded and were spreading their culture around the world in the late 19th century. Soccer evolved in the British school system, and when those school boys traveled the world they take their culture with them, of which the most important part was physical fitness through team sports. Due to the fact soccer was most popular so, almost every place on Earth was exposed to football between 1876 and 1930.

Crazy Freekick Pro

When we talk about football this new awesome game named “Crazy Freekick Pro” is a gift for the football lovers. This awesome game can easily be played on facebook. Crazy Freekick Pro is based on a freekick gameplay and once you will start playing this game you wouldn’t stop.

That’s not all, the gameplay and graphics of this game are excellent. There are a lot of cute characters available in the game and once you will start playing this game you will find this game to be amazingly addictive as the artwork and the graphics of this game are just awesome.

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If you are going to play this game for the first time then following is a few info about it:

  • The aim of the game is to score specific number of goals in each level.
  • When the user start the level and if the user score the specific number of goals fast then user gets a bonus multiplier which enables amazing scores.
  • In level 1 the user will not face any obstacle, it will only be the user and the goalkeeper.
  • In coming game levels a number of footballers will start to appear in a wall and they will try to block your shots.
  • User is given specific number of balls for each level and the aim is to use the given balls with care in order to level up the game and play the upcoming levels.
  • User can select different countries to play the game.
  • User can control the direction and the speed of shots either with spacebar key or with left mouse click.

Try this game Now and don’t forget to share about this awesome game with your friends and family.

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