You may think that choosing the next blender for your kitchen is going to be a pretty easy choice. This is because there are two big categories for blenders that you can choose from: immersion blenders and countertop blenders. Immersion blenders are those that you use your hands to operate in a mixing bowl and countertop ones are those that you throw a whole bunch of stuff in and blend away.

However, there are many different options with those categories. We’ll go through all those options in the following guide so you can pick the perfect blender for your kitchen.

  1. Cheap Hand Blenders with No Attachments

First up, we have one of the cheapest immersion blenders on the market. You can get a cheap hand-held blender pretty much anywhere that gives you the bare necessities. You get one mixing beater as an attachment and that’s pretty much it! You can only do the most simple of blending tasks with a blender like this, but it will get the job done for a price that you can’t beat!

  1. Stick Blenders with Attachments

Next up in the immersion blender category, we have the stick blenders with attachments. These are made of high quality materials and you get attachments for chopping and whisking, along with a measuring beaker. You will also get a turbo button when you splurge for one of these! It’s definitely a whole lot multi-purpose than the cheaper hand blender.

  1. Cordless, Battery Operated Hand Blenders

Another immersion blender that should be mentioned is the cordless and battery operated hand blender, which is made of top quality materials. These are going to be a bit heavier than others on the list because of that battery. However, it’s going to be super convenient for you not to be dealing with a cord in the wall when you’re blending away.

  1. Heavy Duty Immersion Blenders

And lastly in the immersion blender category, we have the heavy-duty immersion blenders that are mainly used by professional chefs. It’s got an incredibly powerful motor and will get any blending job done no time. However, you’re going to pay a pretty penny for one of these bad boys! Models can go all the way up to $1,000.

  1. Personal Blenders

First up in the countertop blender category is the personal blender, which is normally constructed using the cheapest of materials. These are pretty low power when compared to the other options on this list, but it’s going to get the job done if you just need a small blender for a smoothie here and there with your Blender Friend. You can drink directly from the blender jar, too!

  1. Margarita Blenders

This one is going to interest a lot of you out there! Margarita blenders have a separate ice reservoir from one or two glass jars. You add the ice in the reservoir and then all of your delicious margarita ingredients into the jars. You can use the various programs to make the margarita to your liking! Plus, these kinds of machines will shave the ice and not crush it, making the best margaritas of your life.

  1. Smoothie Blenders

Smoothie blenders are the kind of countertop blender that most of you probably have in your kitchens. These are common because they have a good amount of power and will get any blending job done well. The containers are able to hold 5 to 7 cups worth of material. And you can change up blending speeds and modes to fit your liking!

  1. Heavy Duty Countertop Blenders

This last item on the countertop blendesr list isn’t just any blender. It can do so much more than blend simple smoothies! It can freeze, dice, cook, grind, puree, and tons of other normal kitchen duties. That’s because of the powerful motor and rotors that allow for such customized tasks. However, of course, these are going to be the most expensive on the market.

When you’re choosing a blender for your kitchen, it all depends on personal preferences. Be sure to keep what you would rather have in mind, while you’re choosing one of the above options. Happy blending!


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