Some of the most interesting people share what they know, what they are curious about & about things they worry about. They have interests and hobbies and most importantly people they care about. They’ have got particular and odd habits. They do things others most likely have never even thought about doing. They do not think that their favorite things are better or superior than anyone else’s favorite things due to the reason that they are curious to be reflexively judgmental and most importantly they don’t do it because it is a popular or well liked activity; they do it because it’s their thing and due to this they put their consistent effort into it without fear of judgment or ridicule.

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Today i am going to share story of Christian Keen a former Fishers Indiana Fireman where he worked along with his community for five years from 1995 t0 1999. During that time Christian was involved in several fires and assisted in several life saving operations. During this same time Christian was also a 911 dispatcher for Hamilton County Indiana were he answered emergency calls and coordinated Emergency Public Safety Personnel. In 1998 Christian worked as an Indianapolis Public Schools Police Officer until he was hired by the Marion County Sheriffs Department as a SWAT Team member. Christian again was on several SWAT call outs where he assisted and directed life saving operations.
On November 8th 2003, Christian was hit by a drunk driver and subsequently medically retired in 2006. Not wanting to stay stagnant, Christian became a contractor and worked on an ambulance crew for a private Military contracting company called Blackwater. He eventually was injured in a rocket attack and surgery did not correct his injuries. Currently he is a solo journalist and photographer who has interest and excels in it.

Although injured and sometimes wheel chair bound, this does not stop him for his continued support of his community.


  1. Christian took some great pictures of me back when I worked at Union Station. This was years ago. I’m not suprised he has risen to this level. His out of the box thinking is increadible and allows him to capture moments most of us miss on our daily life.

    I’d love for you to take some spring pictures of me and the family, just not sure if I can afford it now Mr. Hotshot. Lol.


  2. Christian took some great pictures of my daughters at a volley ball meet. I know the lighting wasn’t great and the ball moves pretty quickly at times but he got it all.

    Very happy.
    Highly recommend

  3. Christian took some great shots of me back in my mma kickboxing days. I recommend him. He is one heck of a guy.

    Terry Smith Former Navy Seal.

    • Terry do still have that acne problem from sesame seed oil or did that clear up? I hope it did.

      Good seeing you post for a friend. Happiness is love.

      Love, your sister

  4. Christian took some amazing pictures for me. He has been published in several magazines and local news stations. He is very capable. Great Guy.

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