Chibitized is a Mexican initiative that is trying to make plushies that will be one of a kind. They are new in the industry of soft toy making but being new doesn’t mean that they are copying others, instead they have come up with a creative and unique concept of making unusual characters. The word “Chibitized” originates from a common Japanese term “chibi” which means “tiny” and “adorable”.

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Now a days we can find many different types of toys available in the market some of which are movie characters etc but when we compare them to the Chibitized Godsters they are of no comparison as in Chibitized Godsters Greek son god, Apollo are even available in a soft toy and this is what makes Chibitized unique and different from the others. That’s not all, they are even planning to release a line of plushies based on the most famous gods of 6 different cultures around the world: Greek, Nordic, Mexica/Aztec, Egyptian, Chinese/Japanese and Inca. So, if you are looking for something unique and remarkable for yourself and for your loved ones Chibitized should be the priority as each character is unique, remarkable and adorable to the maximum.


At the moment, you can choose either one of these three characters soon on Indiegogo. They need support so they could widen the choices of characters with their goal stretches and this can only be done by your help and support by spread this great gift to your friends and family. Take a look at the Chibitized Godster Youtube video below and don’t forget to visit their Facebook page.



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