Global publisher Immanitas Entertainment has just launched their new game named Caribbean Pirates Pogo Jump that can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

The Caribbean Pirates of the game leap hop and pogo making their way through the pirate cove in a path filled with infinite enemies and treasures to steal.  The powerful power ups help in facing the enemies which can be destroyed by the laser. This game is filled up with trampolines to boost jump while the player plunders skull treasures to unlock more marauders & pirate stages. The pirate can be moved to the top of the high score charts as well.

The game is inspired from the Caribbean pirates and the whole game is themed upon it, bringing down the elements of the pirate life and making the game an amazing adventure. The game uses simple controls to make the pirate leap and jump through the multiple trampolines to ultimately unlock the various treasures and new characters.

The power ups in the game help the player to hop higher and get more treasure. The app also provides an option to share scores with friends through social media.

Caribbean Pirates uses simple controls and the player just needs to tilt their phone left or right to make their pirate jump. Though the game has recently been launched on Play store, it has already received a number of positive reviews from users.  Majority of the users have mentioned the game to be really fun and entertaining to play. A lot of users have also appreciated the user friendly interface and good graphics of the game.

The game also features entertaining music and various challenges which keep the players hooked up for a long time.

What are you waiting for Click here to download this awesome free game & don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!!


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