“Car Drive Simulator – Tokyo Drift & Modify” is a new game available on the PlayStore for those looking to play a fascinating car drive – drift game and want to drive fast car. There are more than 15 cars available in this game and players can customize their car according to their wish.

“Show who is the best driver with modified cars to the world”

Players can even change color, try different wheels & spoilers, adjust rim color etc. To customize the car or to buy a new car users will need to earn dollar. Start to race, drift in the game! You will be able to make money in a short time if you are a good driver. After making enough money, you can start the real action of modified cars such as Mustang, Corvette & Koenigsegg.
There are a number of tracks available in “Car Drive Simulator – Tokyo Drift & Modify” game. You can play in any track you want but for some tracks you need to purchase.

After you start the game, your score is evaluated with your drifting skills. To make more money you need to drift in the game. There are 3 different camera angles in the game. Play with camera angle which makes you more comfortable. There is handbrake in the game, you need to be careful when using handbrake. It is designed for best drivers! To make more money, using handbrake is the best way so you will drift further.

With this car tuning game, you will enjoy as you play. Try to make your best! After making some money, the game will be more enjoyable with new modified cars.

Some of the awesome features of “Car Drive Simulator – Tokyo Drift & Modify” game includes but not limited to having:

  • Realistic Graphics
  • One of the best addictive car tuning game
  • 16 different cars, 6 different tracks
  • Modify car & change color
  • 3 different camera angles
  • Buying, upgrading cars with money
  • Realistic handbrake
  • Enjoyable drift

Download this app available on Play Store and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.


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