Build A Vape Brings You Total Vape Control. One of the greatest things about e cigarettes and vapes is that you are able to customize them to give you the exact experience you want. In addition to such a wide range of flavors to choose from in your e-Juice, different devices can allow you to experience vaping in an entirely different way. With the Build A Vape builder by Buildevape, control and customization has taken a new level. Top down customization allows you to build your own vape to match the exact features you need. Here are a few things you need to know:

Build A Vape Means Complete Control

Start off by choosing the type of vape you prefer. New to the game? You may want to stick with a custom eGo vape device. Like the customization, control, and features that you get from a Box Mod? Buildevape offers that too. Once you have decided on your vape type, choose between a wide range of styles and models.

Then the real fun begins. After you have chosen your model, you can pick between different colors, and have access to many different components to take your vape to the next level. These include choosing from a massive amount of drip tips, different tank styles and sizes, and much more. The builder allows you to choose between hundreds of options to get exactly what you want.

Decide What Price Works For You

Every component on the Build A Vape builder is listed with a price, so you never have to be worried once you make your custom device. Not only does that allow you to pick and choose on what you wish to spend on (or allow you to go all out with top-of-the-line components in every category), every custom kit that gets shipped will receive a free e-Juice shipment and domestic orders can take advantage of free shipping.

Your Device Is Personal, Let Build A Vape Add Personality

Just like you your personality is unique, your vape device should be too. By using the custom vape builder from Buildevape, that’s exactly what you will get to do. Click here to visit the builder and begin making a device that matches your needs as well as your style. Also visit Build A Vape on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and don’t forget to share about them with your friends and family.


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