bottle sparkler

Generating more revenue at your bar or nightclub can be a difficult task, especially if you’re well established and have been in business for a few years. The nightclub industry relies heavily on trends, and once you have been around for a while, typically you reach a cap in the number of people who walk through your doors. However, there are ways to increase the amount of money each guest spends while at your bar or nightclub, and that can be even more valuable than bringing in new faces.

With so many people interested in buying bottle service packages rather than buying one drink at a time, there is an obvious opportunity to make extra revenues in this area. Besides offering a wider selection of bottle choices, using something as simple as bottle sparklers can really go a long way as well. Bottle sparklers clip onto the neck of any standard size bottle, and then you light the top to create a sparkling display that is visible throughout your entire club. Not only does this add value to your bottle service packages, but it also increases awareness so you more customers will purchase them.

There are many different types of bottle sparklers available, but traditionally most clubs choose gold bottle sparklers. They are the least expensive, and they are the most eye-grabbing in a dimly lit atmosphere such as a nightclub. There are also color bottle sparklers available if you want something a little more unique or there is a particular color that your club uses for marketing purposes, but they are also more expensive than their gold counterparts. In certain cities, such as New York, fire code forbids the use of bottle sparklers indoors. In those circumstances, you can choose Led bottle sparklers which provide many of the benefits of the real thing without the open flame. LED bottle sparklers are also reusable over and over, so you can save money over time compared to buying disposable ones; even though they have a much higher initial cost.

Between increasing visibility and increasing perceived value, bottle sparklers are a simple and inexpensive way to increase sales for bottle service packages. Make sure you buy quality bottle sparklers and check your local fire codes ahead of time, but if your bar or nightclub can use them it can be a simple way of boosting your club’s revenues without bringing new customers through the door.


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