Best Android apps of 2016-2017

Best Android apps of 2016-2017

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Best Android apps of 2016-2017

Best Android apps of 2016-2017

In this article i am going to talk about the Best Android apps of 2016-2017. The apps most people can’t live without. Without further delay, here is the list of best android apps that are currently available in market and make sure to come back and visit this article again as we will keep updating this article accordingly with latest trends.

  • 1Weather

    1Weather is without any doubt the best weather app out there for android devices. This app features a simple, paginated design that shows the users current weather, forecast up to 12 weeks and other stats including lightly customizable widgets. The app is available free on Play Store and $1.99 in-app purchase will remove the advertisement.

  • The Google Drive suite

    Google Drive is the most widely known cloud storage solution available on Android and Google Drive offers all new users 15GB free when they sign up and users can easily buy more storage if needed. Some other features of this app includes deep sharing feature, live collaboration and compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.

  • Google Maps

    Google Maps virtually owns navigation apps scene and this app remains the best Android apps ever. Google Maps gets frequent updates that adds more to its incredibly generous list of existing features.

  • Google Now

    Google Now is one of the most powerful Android apps available. This app has grown into an always-on personal assistant that tells it’s users about weather, gives users news articles about their relevant interests, manages plane flight information, and give users easy access to information via voice searching.

  • Google Play Music, YouTube

    Google Play Music service lets it’s users upload up to 50k of their own (non-DRM) songs to Google’s cloud for streaming wherever they are. When users adds add in YouTube Red, it gives them additional features including removal of ads from YouTube for a truly amazing experience.

We would also love to hear your opinion about which Android apps you consider to be the best ones in the comments below!!

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