Benefits of Playing Chess

Benefits of Playing Chess

Chess is widely known as the game for the people with intellect. It is the finest sport which is helpful for the exercise of most important organ in our body i.e the brain. Playing chess might not be helpful to build biceps but the mental health can certainly benefit from it.

Following are few benefits of playing Chess:

  • Brain growth: Chess challenges the brain which helps stimulate the growth of dendrites, the bodies that sends signals from brain’s neuron cells. Having improvement in dendrites have a direct positive impact on the neural communication within the brain.
  • Brain exercises: According to a German study when chess players were asked to identify chess positions & the geometric shapes, both of their left & right hemispheres of brain became highly active.  So, playing chess is highly beneficial for Brain exercise.
  • Raises IQ: What do you think? Does chess make people smart or smart people play chess? According to a scientific study playing chess can raise a person’s IQ. So, playing chess can be beneficial for improving your IQ!
  • Sparks creativity: Your originality can be unleashed by Playing chess, Playing chess activates the right side of brain, and the right side of the brain is responsible for creativity.
  • Problem solving skills: Playing chess requires problem-solving skills and fast thinking since we have to make decisions on fly as your our opponent constantly changes the parameters. According to a study done in 1992 that was conducted on about 450 sixth-grade students in New Brunswick indicated that students who learned how to play chess scored significantly higher on standardized tests as compared to others who didn’t.

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