Benefits Of Having Internet FriendsBenefits Of Having Internet Friends

It’s four in the morning & you really need someone you can talk to. You’re having a bad night, and no one who go to college with you is awake. What do you do?

Now you can either send your friends essays via text message and start to hope that they will get back to you, or on the other hand you can fire up computer and talk to your internet friends. The ones who have worst sleep schedule and you are pretty sure about them that they will be there when no one else is.

One of the best thing is that they’re internet friends.

They can give you unbiased advice. They don’t know who Sarah or John is, so they don’t have to take anyone’s side.

They’ll help you out, even if it might be your fault. They’ll send you memes in order to make you feel better, or link to songs they said made them think of you.

They’ll awkwardly hit on u at any opportunity, & you’ll have no other choice but to admit that it was a good line.

If you message them at three in the morning with nothing but a picture of Pepe the frog, they’ll just tell you it’s past your bed time, and you should be sleeping because you have exam in the morning.

So, it is always good to have one internet friend.

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