Engineers and Architects mostly rely on drawings and modeling their projects in order to aid in their work. However, 2D computer-aided design also known as (CAD) don’t provide these professionals with speed & accuracy they need in order to complete projects or to find solutions to challenges. 3D modeling has been mostly used by engineers and architects for years to improve the aesthetic and efficiency of their designs.

Following are the benefits 3D CAD models offer these professionals:

1. Speed

The ability to quickly determine existing conditions of mine was necessary during Chilean mine rescue, and at that time 3D modeling was able to provide critical speed element to engineers involved in mission, according to the Design World Online

2. Precision and control

3D laser scanning also collects accurate as-is data on sites, and professionals can even use data sets in order to create pin-point models of real spaces. This way engineers and architects don’t have to spend time measuring parts of site or structure to develop a model.

3. Scenario visualization

Engineers and Architects can also manipulate 3D models in way they mostly cannot with 2D CAD drawings. Professionals gets the ability to test what-if scenarios with their designs in 3D, aiding to validate plans and to identify problems using design quality. 3D renderings of designs also save the architect time and money by telling their project needs.

4. Reduced lead times

Because of flexibility and accuracy of 3D models, engineers and architects are able to spend less time on design stage of their projects and more on actual completion of task. Professionals are even able to identify any problem ahead of time using 3D modeling, saving them from having to increase budgets and rework schedules.

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