logo Design Tips for Beginners

logo Design Tips for Beginners

There are more than millions of people in logo design industry who are making and providing crappy logos for crowd sourcing sites. How you as a Professional should stand out from the rest of the crowd & produce quality logos which don’t suck? Read this article to find out the 5 logo Design Tips for Beginners.

By Using Visual Double Entendre

Most of the logos that stand out from the rest normally utilize a technique that I call a visual double entendre, that is an overly a fancy way of saying that two pictures being wrapped into one by smart interpretation of the concept or idea. This type of logo normally takes the shape of the thumbtack, that suggests “place” or “location” but at the same time it clearly looks like upside down wine glass. Logo designs which use this type of technique come off as memorable and clever.

Color is the most Important

Color palette is one of the most important considerations for logo design. This is most probably not a superficial decision, as color communicates ideas and conveys meanings.

Avoid Cliché

Almost every years, new fads come in logo design. I myself love studying design trends & you will most probably even find me suggesting jumping onto few bandwagons in order to keep up with times, but with logos, i definitely hate it when a number of designers use same idea over and over again.

Making it Own-able

I normally don’t believe that “ownable” is a real word. But, the concept is unquestionably the important one that ties closely to the previous tip.

Instead of following the herd & using cliché design, we should alternatively work hard for something that should be uniquely recognizable.

Everyone <3 Custom Type

While we are talking about logo to be unique, there is nothing like the awesome custom lettering which gives the logo a unique feel.


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