Steve Jobs Leader or Follower

Leadership also known as the art of encouragement is the act of inspiring individuals to do better than they could even think doing.

It got nothing to do with your position neither it has anything to do with seniority or authority.

Just because you have employees reporting to you doesn’t make you a leader and  even you don’t become a leader if you reach a specific pay grade.

Leader or a Follower


Leadership is all about social influence. You don’t need people reporting to you to be a true leader. A worker can lead and influence people just like a CEO.

Similarly anyone can turn into a follower while holding position of a leader.

If you are a minion to the status quo, you don’t inspire people around you, have absence of vision, then you’re a follower.

To find out if are you a leader or a follower? you should answer these five questions carefully & you’ll know for sure.

Do you care about titles? Followers think a lot about titles of their own & of the individuals they work with. They’re very concerned about who outranks whom, the reason for that is they lack the skill & willpower to bring leadership from within.


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