The search for everlasting longevity and youth didn’t just start nowadays. As a matter of fact, the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and many other cultures around the world have for a long time searched for tips and secrets that could be beneficial in enhancing longevity and to create a younger looking appearance.

In-fact, aging is just a fact of life, there are different things we use even today in order to avoid diseases and illnesses and to slow down the rate at which we age. Ancient Chinese art of anti aging is considered one of the best way using which we can easily overcome and slow down aging. The book today i am going to talk about includes all the proven tips and tricks using which anyone can easily extend the quality of life and overcome aging.

The tips this book includes is basically a byproduct of this Chinese art, the main purpose of all the tips given in this book are to extend quality of life into old age (EQOL), i.e good health and fitness into your latter years.

Everything you did for fun, enjoyment and sports in your forties, you should be able to do in your seventies and beyond. This ancient art is all natural i.e no drugs, pills, lotions, potions, hormones, etc., none of which will make you look younger or live longer in good health. Best of all, there is no restrictive diet, no stenuous exercise, no time consuming requirements, and as you progress, you will feel better, look better and be able to take advantage of the last twenty years of your life.

The main source of information in this book is Grand Master Tian Yong, a woman who is sixty-two at the time of writing and is often mistaken for a woman in her twenties. She doesn’t really care about youthful appearance as her main concern is living in good health and fitness to the end of her days.

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