Adolescent Angst it’s all about the teen brain

Adolescent Angst it’s all about the teen brain

In this Article “Adolescent Angst it’s all about the teen brain” we are going into some details about what happens during adolescence that turns many of the once sweet kids into disobedient rabble rousers? It’s a proven fact that an adolescent brains process information differently than that of an adult brain. Scientists are still learning more about what is going on inside a teen brain. The dramatic and irrational behavior is present for no reason. Our media and the society portray teenagers in two ways i.e. as young adults who party on their weekends or as grungy rebels plagued with teenage angst.

While there may be a grain of accuracy in these stereotypes, it is mostly dramatization. The stereotypes mostly fails to precisely portray the angst that is a trademark of teenagers dom. Teenage angst is you can say a feeling of the “ugh why I’m always so misunderstood, what is life?” that is all part of the teenage years. While during this time the emotional turmoil may appear like a drag at times. There is always a purpose and cure present.

By the definition, angst is a feeling of apprehension about your life or the situations you are surrounded by. This makes adolescent angst entirely typical, given the time frame that it occurs. Teenagerdom is that awkward stage of life when we are stuck in the limbo of childhood and adulthood. Our teenage years are characterized by being persistently told that “These years are influential and have an impact on the rest of your life” and to smile while we are juggling in a variety of behaviors and obligations. This thus creates an increased level of fear and anxiety regarding our present and the future.

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While hanging out with our friends we get even more angst. So basically, we are all really angst. If you think that you are the only exception, you should think again. Every teenager is angst to a certain extent. So, let’s now talk about the cure for teenage angst. Being angst is exhausting and nobody really got time for all that melodramatic mood.

There is only one cure to angst and that is growing up, but we are all in this together. While, the cure “growing up” may not be that simple, coping up with the angst is simpler. Although I am no expert and still in the lost woods of adolescence, being a high school super angst teenager I have learned is that don’t be stupid. This surely may seem obvious, but this is certainly very important. Teenagers make stupid and risky decisions at times in life that leads to neuroscience.

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Coping up with teen angst is like accepting that you and your peers all have angst. By this act, you save yourself from the misery of feeling even more angst than you already do. After that, don’t fall into the impact of Hollywood of teenagerdom as an awful time in life. Do not let the stereotyped teenager determine your adolescence. So, while undergoing some major alterations in our brains, slow down and thinking about the pros and cons that will help you make the right choice. One should be a rebel with a cause. Being a rebel without any cause gets boring and can be self destructive at the same time. You should find a cause that ignites your heart with fire and you could run with it. Remember that teenagers like you and me, have brought changes in the world for better. One of the Stanford University experts have revealed in his report that all humans are approximately 99.9 percent genetically similar to one another. You and I have just the same amount of capability like everyone else around us.

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I will conclude up with the fact that one should just live. I know this sounds awfully sappy for sure, but as my teacher once told it to me, “Enjoy your life. Be young and bright; Feel sad, happy, lonely, afraid and passionate about everything in life you only live it once so live it to the fullest.” Do all what you feel like doing, because teenagerdom will be experienced by you only once. This will help you with your experiences, emotions and will help grow the development of values, opinions and ideas. I believe we should continue being angst teen. Keep on playing loud obscure music; tweeting and most of all keep on, keeping ongoing high. And yes it is perfectly normal. Gap jumping may be exhausting, but it’s important and necessary in becoming an adult.


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