Accident Scan app

Normally the body shop owners who fix cars and have few years of experience can easily tell just by looking which car is accidental, have been repaired and repainted and which one’s not.

But normally when we go to buy a car a normal person can’t tell which car is accidental and we always cannot take a body shop worker with us to know reality about the car before buying it.

To solve this problem mostly people nowadays face when they go out to buy a car there’s an app named “Accident Scan” using which user can easily get to know if the car is accidental or have been repainted.

Accident Scan

“Accident Scan” app uses the user’s phone camera to analyze the car paint work on different areas of car including the car’s surface, it’s fenders, doors and bumpers etc and after analyzing it pinpoints the areas that are involved in accident and have been painted.

This app is not just limited to analyzing the car for accident but also users can also get to know and track the car’s history record and know when an insurance claim has been filed.

Currently this is the only app available in market that correctly identifies accidents and repairs without any help from an on-site expert.

So, if you are one of those who usually switch cars or run a car dealership then this app is most useful for you.

Get this app today available at the App Store. You can even visit the official website of Accident Scan &don’t forget to share about this useful app with your friends and family.


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