Dating life of a tech entrepreneur

(The interview was conducted my Ms Stacey)

The first thing I noticed about Asutosh Katyal who goes by Ashu was his smile and charisma.  It’s important to know a man takes care of his appearance and Ashu is definitely no stranger to the gym!  With his work-hard-play-hard work ethic, he loves to live life on the edge.  He is a true thrill seeker and dives into the deep end when it comes to adventure – including deep sea diving.  If you like action, adventure and spontaneity, Ashu is the guy who will always keep you on your toes.  Think – action man with glasses.

Asutosh Katyal

Not only is he fit and fun-loving, he’s also spiritual and lives a clean, positive lifestyle.He is a deep thinker and intellectual who you can converse with on all levels; you could be up till the early hours chatting about anything from time travel and the universe to the idea of world peace.

One of his most positive traits is his determination and ambition.  Ashu is a serial entrepreneur who is never short of exciting ideas.  Currently a major in computer science with a passion for financial investment, there is no doubt he will be highly successful in his career ahead.

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Did I mention his wicked sense of humour?  Ashu is naturally hilarious and will leave you in stitches with his dark wit – if you are the prudish type please head for the exit now!  He would be the perfect match for a gym-junkie-girl-next-door type who enjoys movies, romance… and jumping out of planes (lol, no seriously).

I don’t think you could meet a more well-rounded guy.   Smart, fit and funny, Ashu will tick just about every box on your list.  Top that off with great cuddles in the form of toned muscular arms and you’re on to a winner.


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