5 Maintenance Tips for Electric Shavers

There’s not much more important in a man’s life than his razor. Ok, maybe there are some more important things, but it’s a top priority for many men out there. How else are you going to keep your beard looking nice and sharp than without an electric shaver?

And like any electronic in your home, it’s crucial that you take the time to learn how to keep up with it and keep it looking brand new. There’s plenty of maintenance that should come along with owning an electric shaver, so be sure to know what you’re getting yourself into. In the below article, we’re going to go through the top things you need to know about maintaining your shaver – so read on to learn some more!

  1. Always Clean Your Razor After You Use It.

Nothing damages your electric shaver more than the buildup of leftover hair and other nasty particles from your skin. And you don’t want to replace your shaver right after you bought it because you didn’t clean it properly do you?

That’s why it’s crucial that you always clean your shaver properly after you use it. Without doing that regularly, you’re not going to get that extra hair out of there. This debris is going to clog up your shaver and put more stress on it to run properly. Plus, it’s just healthier for your skin to shave with a clean shaver! Without cleaning it, you’re giving nasty bacteria the perfect place to fester and grow. Even with razors from www.manlymatters.net, you need to keep them clean.

  1. Lubricate Your Razor.

A great idea to maintain your shaver and keep it running for a long time is to lubricate the razor blades every time you use it. This may seem a bit excessive, but over time, the blades can dull because of everyday use. So, before you start shaving, just squirt a few drops of fine machine oil onto the blades. This is going to keep the blades sharp and lubricated throughout the months, without you having to replace them anytime soon.

  1. Handle It with Plenty of Care.

You may think that your electric shaver is something that can withstand anything, but it’s actually a pretty fragile device. The blades and cutting system can be easily damaged if you don’t handle it with the proper care and love. For example, even though this may be your first instinct, you should never tap your razor on the sink to remove the extra debris. This has the potential to seriously damage the blades!

  1. Keep That Battery Life Going.

Depending on how you charge your razor, this could have a serious impact on the longevity of your shaver’s battery life. The best way to keep your battery life going is to fully use the charge before charging for another time. And it’s a good idea to discharge the battery fully at least once a month. Just remember these tips and you should have a battery that will last you a couple more cycles than normal.

  1. Replace the Cutters or Foil When Necessary.

It doesn’t matter what kind of electric shaver you’re using. Eventually, the cutters or foil are going to wear out and need to be replaced. And if you don’t replace these parts, you’re going to have a pretty bad shaving experience or your device could break. It’s not worth the downsides to get in that extra shave from a dull razor. Plus, it could have pretty bad consequences for the health of your skin if you shave with dull razor blades.

There you have it! If you follow these simple maintenance tips, you’re going to have an electric shaver that will last you for many more months to come.


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