36” Sparklers

Sparklers are becoming more and more common at weddings, and as state laws continue to ease concerning their use, they are sure to become even more prevalent. In fact, many wedding venues are beginning to prefer sparklers over other items like confetti, rice, or birdseed because they don’t leave a mess for janitors to clean up afterwards. Though there are many different variations of wedding sparklers available on the market today, there is one particular size that is dominating sales, and that’s 36” wedding sparklers.

There are dozens of uses for sparklers at a wedding, and 36” wedding sparklers seem to hit every checkbox on the list. Whether you want to use them during your sendoff line or hold them in your wedding photos, the fact that they last longer than any other size makes them the best choice most of the time. They also burn drastically brighter than sparklers that are thinner by design, and that means they show up easier in pictures. And since you can hold them high in the air, they are widely considered to be much safer than shorter sparklers as well.

However, there is one major drawback to their massive size; and that’s the fact that they can look ugly when mixed with traditional wedding décor. Let’s face it, nobody wants to see 36” long grey colored sticks laying on their reception tables, and that can be a deal breaker for some couples. Fortunately, you can find them packed in elegant boxes like these 36” sparklers for weddings which will eliminate that problem all together, and that way you can enjoy all the benefits of their size and burn time without needing to settle for a nasty looking eyesore.

When you weigh out all the pros and cons of 36” wedding sparklers, they are hands down the best choice. If appearances are important to you, just make sure you buy the ones that come in decorative boxes rather than ones that are packaged loosely. Though it may be tempting to save some money by purchasing ones that are much shorter in length, you’re better off taking my advice and choosing 36” wedding sparklers because of all the obvious advantages they offer that make them the most popular choice.

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