Importance Of Translation

Nowadays English is almost everywhere and is one of the most commonly used language. So, is translation still important?

English is one of the most widely-spoken language having native speakers of more than 330 million. But if we count people who normally speak it as second language, english is the most popular and important language in the world. So, question comes to our mind why is Why Translation is Important?

Following are the most important reasons translation is important & it is going to remain so, despite growing ubiquity of English.

Not Everyone Speaks English

As we talked about this earlier that English is most commonly spoken language nowadays. But still it doesn’t mean that we can overlook all people who don’t speak English. England is also the home to significant populations of foreign & the minority language speakers.

Just because an individual can speak English, it doesn’t mean that they can speak it enough to cope in all situations. Example, according to a survey conducted in 2012 from European Commission found that only about quarter of Europeans are able to understand English enough to follow English-language news channel. Holding basic conversation is one thing. Effective and Easy communication is another.

People Prefer Their Native Language

English is one of the most-widely spoken language. But, only if we take into account the second-language speakers. Without any doubt, individuals responds better to language they grew up speaking.

In order to effectively sell it is very important to communicate with the buyers in their native language which is very close to their heart. Also by speaking in buyer’s native language it enables them to have more trust in the product they are purchasing. So, this article might have got you good information related to the Importance Of Translation

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