perfect Online Profiles

Eyes are the windows to the heart! The first thing people would notice about you is how you carry yourself – the way you dress up, makeup or no makeup and the overall appearance. The same goes to your online profiles, there are so many things that would become the determining factors to why people would add or follow you on social networks – great pictures, attractive profile pictures and interesting facts of you on “about me” section. Interesting and attractive online profiles will make your social life more colourful with new friends who are eager to get to know you. We are sharing 10 ways to create perfect online profiles for you so that you can make  over your profile!

perfect Online Profiles

1 – Simple and honest profile name! Don’t go overboard and write more than 3 words name such as Amazing Nana Thaker or Beautiful Halle Berry Cutie Yummy! That is a big NO NO! Stay true to your real name and put it in simple way – Anne Hathaway instead of writing it in symbols or weird letters – @nn3 [email protected]@[email protected] Be normal and people will like you. Having complicated or long names would make people things that you are childish or still living in a bubble.

2 – Stunning or attractive profile picture is a must! You need to have a photo that is clear and not that blurry. Do not put celebrity photos or landscape pictures as people are not that attracted to it. You can put your own photos or create an avatar that look just like you! You can use

Avatar Creator to make your own version of cartoon – you’ll remain mysterious yet classy!

3 – Interesting “about me” section or bio will likely attract more followers and friends, hence be honest and true to yourself is the best way to gained new friends! Add in some humors or quotes, but not too much. Avoid giving racist or sensitive statements!

4 – Either to make your profile private or public is up to you. While private profile gives you more privacy and chance for you to filter your friends list, public profile will attract more followers as people are exposed to the way you post on social media and if they are interesting, they will add you and follow you right away.

5 – Don’t lie about your age! Be true to yourself and people will find you attractive. Acting as an adult or teenager will not give you any advantage.

6 – Control your status updates and what you are sharing on your online profile. Do not update status every single minute (for Facebook), you can tweet as much as you want on Twitter but some people or followers don’t really like a chatterbox. Don’t always complain on social networks, but give some inputs to your readers! As for the case like Instagram, people love pretty photos, hence if you have nice ones, upload them! At least once a day or maximum 2-3 posts a week. Do not go overboard, people will get bored!

7 – Interacting with your friends and followers will make them enjoy having you as company on their social medias. A simple good morning or hai would encourage a conversation. People love someone they can relate to, hence updating your status on how your days go by and asking for other’s comments or opinions is one of the ways to keep your online profile a perfect ones. People love small conversation!

8 – Put up a good and pretty banner! Put some pretty backgrounds or pictures so that people will know your taste in colors and shapes. Followers love someone with a good taste and as stated before, eyes are the windows to the heart, people will see you through your online profiles pictures and header.

9 – Do not advertise! This is another major NO NO! People will lose interest if you keep on advertising something on your social networks. They are there to see your updates, not you advertising things for your own profits. You can use other platforms to advertise such as eBay and Amazon. Don’t do it on your social online profiles!

10 – Last but not least, do not talk about politics or be too serious. Take things lightly and enjoy your times on your online profiles. Share some interests such as your fishing hobby or the musics that you like, you will find more people with the same interests following you!

Those are the tips to have perfect online profiles and if you follow the steps, you will have an amazing online profiles! You might even  find your soulmate out there! It is very easy to be attractive on social media, the one simple rule is not to go overboard!


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