10 shocking facts about gaming

Gaming industry has been evolved a lot in last decade. There are a lot of soft ware houses that develops interesting and cool games for the people out there.

Technology has turned the wheels of the gaming industry. There was a time when gaming was difficult. You need to have a full machine or a heavy video game station on which a person plays games.

Back then gaming was a heavy and costly hobby. Time passed and things became better. And here a time comes when there are Xbox, play stations and much more. But there is something more interested appeared.

Yes! Mobile phones, your personal pocket device with a lot of games and features that gives a relax time whenever you are free. Gaming especially mobile gaming has changed the whole gaming industry. Play games whenever you want wherever you are. And the best part is now you don’t even need wifi.

Yes wifi free games are also available now. The games that are wifi free are the best games ever. Because they don’t even need much charging and wifi games use more charging. That is why gamers actually love these offline games so they can enjoy more than average person.

Related to mobile games there are a lot of shocking facts that wonders everyone out there. Interesting facts that are attractive to people out there, and they increase the popularity of such games.10 shocking facts about gaming 2

But there are some interesting and shocking facts about mobile gaming. Here we list 10 shocking facts about mobile gaming:

  1. First mobile game was introduced in 1994 and it was pre installed in mobile.
  2. And then in 1997 Nokia introduced a version of snake game and it was a marvelous hit at that time. At that time 400 million devices were sold worldwide.
  3. Nowadays, smart phone owners spend 200 million minutes per day — 16 years every hour — playing Angry Birds.  An estimated three trillion pigs have been popped.
  4. Nokia launched the very first dedicated gaming mobile, and the top selling game was ‘Creatures of the deep’.
  5. Nokia was the brand who introduced ‘multi player’ game. In snake game they introduced the option of two players.
  6. It is surveyed that gamers are more socially active and they are more educated and optimist than others.
  7. Only 3% gamers pay for mobile game apps.
  8. In 2010 the mobile games industry was worth 33 billion dollars. In 2005 it was worth 54 billion dollars. That’s a growth of 163% in five years.
  9. 37% of I phone users play games on their phones every day.
  10. In 2015, it is estimated that there was a total of 164.9 million mobile phone gamers in the U.S. alone. By 2020, that number is predicted to rise to 213 million.


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